Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting is one of the most underrated human resource management techniques. Companies and businesses cannot survive without workers. Consequently, employees play a significant role in ensuring a business reaches its short and long-term goals.

Employees face various professional and personal challenges at the workplace. As a result, these challenges may prevent them from being effective and competitive at work. Therefore, anything an employer can do to motivate their employees would go a long way in boosting the success rate of the business. Let’s look at how the art of gifting can help achieve this.

Why Should We Gift Employees?

Corporate gifting is a crucial yet underutilized method of boosting employee morale and offering affirmation. Studies have shown 70% of employees feel happier and more productive when they receive recognition at their workplaces. Moreover, 87% of employees become more efficient at work when they receive personalized gifts.


The main aim of gifting employees is for motivation purposes. Offering bespoke gifts to employees makes them feel valued and appreciated. Surveys have shown that the simple act of presenting a gift to an employee is all the motivation they need to rediscover the joy of doing their job.

The appreciation employees feel when they are gifted makes them feel their work is more fulfilling. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of stress and burnout at work. The main reason for this is people thrive when they feel appreciated at work.

Honouring Milestones

Milestones are common in workplaces. Milestones could range from an employee’s impressive achievement, a promotion, their birthdays, or even their tenth anniversary in the company. Offering a bespoke gift to commemorate such milestones shows employees how appreciated they are. It also shows they are valued not just as workers but as friends as well.

In the case of honoring workplace accomplishments, gifting can foster an environment of healthy competition. Offering bespoke gifts for recognitions such as ‘Employee of the Month’ usually encourages staff to work harder to achieve these milestones. As a result, overall company productivity increases in the process.

Strengthening Bonds

Bespoke gifts strengthen bonds in the workplace. A work environment that is based on fear isn’t sustainable. Therefore, bosses need to form connections and bonds with employees.

Giving out personalized gifts shows employees that the higher-ups are paying attention. As a result, this fosters a feeling of trust and connection between bosses and staff. Strengthening bonds in the workplace transforms it into a friendly and comfortable environment that makes everyone feel home away from home.

Choosing Gifts For Employees

Choosing the perfect is dependant on various conditions. The three most important factors are budget, practicality, and employee’s personal preferences. It helps to understand the gift options that are available and the personality of the gift recipient.

Understanding the Recipient

When it comes to giving bespoke gifts, the simplest things matter the most. Therefore, it’s important to know small things like the recipient’s name and job title. Additionally, it is important to know if they have expressed any personal gift preferences. If they haven’t, it is safe to get them something practical they can use daily or display at their workstation. Such gifts could be personalized calendars, mugs, paperweights, or other supplies for their desks.

Understanding Your Options

Some gifts are appropriate to give to family and friends but inappropriate for workmates. Gifts such as kitchen appliances, socks, lingerie, and video games aren’t appropriate for the workplace. Therefore, it’s important to understand the types of gifts appropriate to give employees and workmates.

This application’s appropriate bespoke gifts include desk accessories such as customized plaques, mousepads, mugs, notebooks, and pens. As a rule of thumb, keep your selection simple with items anyone can appreciate regardless of age, gender, or occupation.

In conclusion, corporate gifts play a crucial role in boosting performance and productivity by making employees feel valued and appreciated. Additionally, they help reduce stress, which in turn reduces the chances of burnout. You can easily shop for custom-made corporate gifts from the comfort of your home and office and have them delivered to you stress-free. Create a comfortable workplace environment by exploiting the advantages of corporate gifting.

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